Video advertisement

A WatchandClick video contains a balanced mix of sponsored and non-sponsored hyperlinks. For instance, in a music video the viewer can retrieve neutral background information from the singer by clicking on him. In the same video the user can click on the artist's shirt and be directed to the manufacturer's website where the shirt can be bought. Content and advertising are hereby linked together in a harmonic way.

Through this process different suppliers are able to present their products in the same video. As long as the products fit into the context of the video, the viewer will see this form of advertisement as logical and relevant rather than intrusive.

This so called transitional advertising format is much more effective than the more traditional formats of TV- and internet-commericals.

And our Monitoring and Marketing Information System (MIS) records the viewer's behavior in detail: number of viewers and clicks, clicks per minute (CPMin), Click-through rate (CTR), etc.


video advertising

Survey shows that a single WatchandClick video is viewed more than twice per viewer. Per minute, one user clicks the video more than 4 times. 

In short, more interaction means more attention.
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software development

The basis of the WatchandClick technology is an extra invisible layer placed on top of the video stream. This layer can be compared to an animated video with hyperlinks that move along with the underlying video image.

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Video and online advertising are important elements in any communication strategy.

WatchandClick helps to translate these strategies into creative concepts.