Concept 1, Generic video

At various points in a video, objects and persons can be clicked on. This concept can easily be translated into a transitional advertising format: a balanced mix of sponsored (product placement) and non-sponsored (background information) hyperlinks.

Application fields:

Concept 2, Conference

In a report on a public event, such as a conference, pop concert, seminar or network gathering,  persons to the front of the camera can be tagged and clicked on. When clicked, the video pauses and links to the person's company or personal profile. 

Unknown persons can be registered by inputting their name into the database. After verification their company and profile can be accessed. Through this interaction, viewers are able to add content to the video

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Concept 3, Opinion poll

Online opinion polls can be fun!

At different moments in a video something (behavior, objects, etc.) is shown that raises particular questions. Whenever a question mark appears on the screen, the viewer can answer the question after clicking on it. All answers are then saved into a database. 

Application fields:

Concept 4, Online shopping (see also showcase)

In this staged, soap-like video two persons showcase clothing in a modern office environment. All clothing can be clicked on and ordered instantaneously through a web shop application. 

This concept is extremely useful for co-sponsoring. Alongside the clothing supplier, as owner and distributor of the video, other suppliers (such as computer and furniture manufacturers) can showcase their products by purchasing hyperlinks for the specific video. 

Application fields:

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video advertising

Survey shows that a single WatchandClick video is viewed more than twice per viewer. Per minute, one user clicks the video more than 4 times. 

In short, more interaction means more attention.
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software development

The basis of the WatchandClick technology is an extra invisible layer placed on top of the video stream. This layer can be compared to an animated video with hyperlinks that move along with the underlying video image.

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Video and online advertising are important elements in any communication strategy.

WatchandClick helps to translate these strategies into creative concepts.