We produce interactive videos and add interactivity to existing ones.

Videos equipped with the WatchandClick technology are thus interactive. By clicking (in)visible links that move along with video images, such as persons and objects, extra information can be obtained, websites can be opened, or products can be purchased.

WatchandClick is based on Flash technology and works on any operating system and web browser. Currently these interactive videos can be viewed by more than 800 million viewers over the internet, on interactive TV, and on PDA's like mobile telephones.

The next generation videos starts with WatchandClick interactivity. 

video advertising

Survey shows that a single WatchandClick video is viewed more than twice per viewer. Per minute, one user clicks the video more than 4 times. 

In short, more interaction means more attention.
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software development

The basis of the WatchandClick technology is an extra invisible layer placed on top of the video stream. This layer can be compared to an animated video with hyperlinks that move along with the underlying video image.

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Video and online advertising are important elements in any communication strategy.

WatchandClick helps to translate these strategies into creative concepts.